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About Us

It took several years after the untimely death of my father to find the courage to take his advice…."DO WHAT YOU LOVE, HEIDI!". With the unwavering support of my amazing family and friends I took a leap of faith, leaving my secure yet unfulfilling job to make a career out of what I knew and loved best…..SHOPPING! It all started at my little local open market bazaar where I set up my small and cozy booth overflowing with all the things I loved, hoping that others would share the same passion. Much to my delight, people came, they loved, they purchased and they kept coming back! Often being asked if there was a store front or website so they could shop more! So here it is, my awesome customers with fabulous taste! I hope you all find something wonderful for yourself or someone you love. 
It is with immense gratitude that I take this journey to nurture my roots, as this is where growth, strength and balance begins.
Gratitude, Peace and Love - Heidi